Laura Davies

Laura Davies (1992) is a legal philosopher with a broad interest in legal theory, ethical decision-making, and the changing role of the judge.

After completing the Legal Research Master at Utrecht University (cum laude) Davies is currently working as a PhD candidate and lecturer at the faculty of Philosophy of Law of the Radboud University. Her doctoral research is about the legitimacy of the judge. In order to unravel this complex concept, she analyzes the various cultural and historical ideas about judicial legitimacy that have been dominant in the Netherlands in the past century. By analyzing how these conceptions are interrelated, she attempts to establish a more integral concept with which judicial legitimacy can be truly strengthened in the long term.

Besides, Laura works as editorial secretary of the Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy (NJLP).

In addition to her scholarly interests, Laura is an admirer of theater, music, and art. With these, she tries to connect the abstract philosophical theories of her work to examples from art and literature. In addition, Laura has stage experience as a speaker and singer.

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